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Hemp is one of the first fibers to have been used in the history of textiles. It is very resistant and full of natural properties that provide great comfort when worn. Hypo-allergenic, anti-UV, very absorbent, anti-bacterial but also thermo-regulating, this fantastic fiber will insulate your body temperature from outside temperatures, whether hot or cold (it is also used to insulate houses).  

fils a tricoter natissea
fils a tricoter natissea

Pernelle yarn is made from very high quality long hemp fibres, which gives it a natural shine and an authentic fall. It is ecologically tinted with GOTS certified pigments in the North of France. It is not chemically softened. The “natural” color is undyed, it is raw hemp yarn, its color will vary according to the seasons and their levels of sunshine. It will soften very quickly during knitting and first soaking without warping or stretching. It is a yarn that softens and acquires a patina over time like washed linen. Its cultivation is very ecological because it does not require fertilizer or additional irrigation.  

Pernelle yarn is suitable for any type of knit, sweater, top, Jacquard or lace. It will also define the patterns very well and will not need to be blocked with each wash. Even if this thread is not elastic, we quickly get used to changing our tension after a few rows. For really sensitive people it is possible to soak the skeins in Eucalan before putting them in spools to soften the yarn before knitting. All knitting needles are suitable but for people who knit tightly, it is better to turn to metal needles.  

For the maintenance it is easy, the hemp being very resistant it does not risk anything. It goes in the washing machine but can also be washed by soaking in a bath of soap for knitting. It dries quickly and does not necessarily need to be ironed. 

fils a tricoter natissea
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