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Contrary to popular belief: hemp is sweet! Obviously do not expect elastic and fluffy wool like some wools of animal origin, but rather something between linen (less cold, less dry, less stiff) and cotton (softer, more breathable , more resistant)! You can find more info on the differences between hemp and cotton here. One of the biggest advantages of hemp is that it becomes more and more supple and softened the more it is worn and washed, not to mention its thermoregulatory properties which make that you can wear it summer and winter!

In summary, our 100% hemp has a similar appearance to linen, and our hemp/organic cotton blends are very similar in appearance to cotton.

Before wearing your item for the first time, we advise you to wash it once separately, in order to eliminate excess dye. Always prefer an ecological liquid detergent, softer than those in powder, and a temperature not exceeding 40°C unless otherwise stated.
Hand wash or machine wash with low spin, and dry flat or tumble dry gently, always away from direct sunlight so as not to alter the colors.
Note : Hemp, like any absorbent fiber, can become rough if you maintain it with hard water. In this case, rub your knit between your hands after drying so that it becomes supple and soft again (possibly spend a few minutes in the dryer).

The web is full of videos and tutorials to teach you the BA-BA of knitting. You will quickly discover how to put a skein into a ball, cast on the stitches, knit in the round, tuck the threads in, etc., if only by visiting this link:
Videos to start and improve knitting and crocheting {on Knit Spirit}

You will also find a knitting glossary here. Once you have the basics in your pocket, all you have to do is find the right model and choose the yarn you like to make it!

Once you have chosen a pattern and the yarn that works well, you will need to check that you are getting the same number of stitches and rows on a 10cm x 10cm sample as indicated by the creator of the said pattern. . If this is not the case, there is a good chance that the result will not fit well, so you need to adapt the model to your way of knitting. To better understand, you can consult:
[Knitting] Think Sample {on Thread&Needles}

For your information, be aware that hemp fiber (in the case of 100% hemp yarns), like its cousin linen, will give you excellent results by knitting it in an airy way, with openwork (fishnet stitches, river , net?), using larger needles than recommended. The knit will be supple and fall most pleasantly!...

Yes ! It is now possible to become a Natissea knitting hemp reseller.
Do not hesitate to contact us to tell us about your project via this form.

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